R. W. Bro. T.F. Blackwood

The first meeting of Blackwood Lodge #311 was held under a dispensation from Grand Lodge in March 1874 and the lodge was warranted on July 9, 1874. The first meeting room was located above the hardware store of Joel Reaman in Woodbridge and the members met there regularly until 1898. What would now be considered unusual in these days of modern electric lighting, the meetings of the Lodge were held at 7:30 pm on the Friday on or before the full moon. This was not done because of any astrological significance. It was just that traveling the back roads of rural Ontario for evening lodge meant that having the light of the moon was a distinct advantage. 

The Lodge grew and prospered from its beginning until 1886, but as happens with many Lodges, the departure of a local manufacturing company where a number of the lodge members were employed, had an adverse affect on the organization for several years. There were even fears that it might be forced to give up its charter. However, led by W.Bro. Dr.P.D. McLean, the members weathered the storm until better times arrived. In 1898 the meeting place was moved temporarily to the north side of Pine St. (now Woodbridge Ave.) near the Humber River.  In 1899 a site on 8th Avenue (now Kipling Ave.) was donated to the Lodge by Bro. Albert Harris. A Lodge building was completed and the official opening of that building  took place on January 25, 1901. An expansion of the premises was completed in September of 1961. 

    From the 100th Anniversary Booklet 
Of the Blackwood Historical Committee 

     Blackwood Masonic Temple On
  Keele St.

In the year 2000 the membership decided to move from their building on Kipling Avenue and the property was sold. The Lodge moved to the Vaughan Masonic Temple in Maple where it presently resides.