Corinthian Lodge #481 G.R.C. 

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Grand Lodge Officers & Charter Members 1907 

Corinthian Lodge #481 G.R.C. celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2007, having been inaugurated on 10 January 1907. The details are not clear, but it seems that the lodge came about as a result of some sort of disagreement in the early months of 1906 among the members of Stevenson Lodge. Apparently the issue was a policy matter, not a personality clash, and discussions on the problem seem to have been cordial. Ultimately a group of Brethren from Stevenson Lodge requested the creation of a new Lodge. 

After a number of special meetings with Stevenson Lodge, Grand Lodge concurred and agreed to the forming of a new Lodge. A Warrant was duly issued, and Corinthian Lodge A.F. & A.M. #481 was inaugurated in the Masonic Temple at 801 Yonge Street. Worshipful Brother John Stephens was installed in the chair of King Solomon. That evening there were many supporting Brethren from Stevenson Lodge in attendance, of whom 50 became charter members of the new Lodge. In the years following inauguration, there were many exchange visits between Stevenson and Corinthian Lodges.

The Temple at 801 Yonge Street was the home of Corinthian Lodge for 15 years. During 1907, the first year of service, initiations and affiliations raised the membership to 79. Membership increased over the years, reaching an all-time high of 336 members in 1950. Unfortunately, Stevenson Lodge eventually went dark. In 1970, Corinthian Lodge #481 moved to the Richmond Hill Temple at 112 Crosby Street in Richmond Hill. In 1983 the Lodge was moved again to its current address of 411 Millard Avenue, Newmarket.