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Cuba Lodge Photos

Happy to Meet - Sorry to Part

Photos From Lodges in Cuba

Note the use of the 'Unbroken Chain' as a symbol of the unbroken connection of Masons.

This is the Grand Lodge Building in Havana, Cuba

The mural in the Lobby shows Masons designing the Flag of Cuba

Many of the photos are of the Museum on the 3rd floor

These are the doors to one of the nine Lodge rooms which are full every night of the week.

This is a lodge in Mayajigua Cuba, from left to right are the Master, Deacon and a past D.D.

This is my new friend Osvaldo Rodrigues, he is a Deacon in Harmony Lodge No. 6 Mayajigua, Cuba

The Brother in the yellow shirt is Thompson, my cab driver and member of Logia Progreso in Santa Clara with the Master of the Lodge

Logia Progreso, Santa Clara, Cuba
The Lodge furniture has been set up in the Anty room for 14 years since the roof fell down in the Lodge room.

I found another Lodge with a Sundial!

Lodge in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba
These are the Master, Secretary and Treasurer of the Lodge.

More to come

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