Mount Albert Masonic Hall  

Early meetings of the charter members of Rowland Lodge took place in the print shop of R.H. Tinsdale. A former school Principal in Mount Albert, Tinsdale became the first Master of the new Lodge when it was instituted in 1928. In his shop they discussed the many topics involved in setting up the new organization. At that time the United Church was merging two local churches, the Presbyterians and the Methodists. The local Presbyterian Church building was considered by the committee and purchased for $1,800.00 dollars. 

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70 Main Street, Mount Albert 

One of the Lodge Brothers, Oscar Dike, was a master carpenter and made all the furniture for the Lodge, including the Altar. This facility served Rowland Lodge until 1945 when it became financially attractive to sell the building and apply the proceeds to the construction of the structure shown here. From the sale price of $4,500.00 the outstanding mortgage of $1,800.00 was discharged, the lot at 70 Main Street was purchased. A building located north of the community was purchased and moved to the new location. Most of the labour and materials needed to complete the project were supplied by the members. The building was dedicated on April 2, 1946.  

An unexpected turn of events in 1988 led to the acquisition of "new" furniture for the Lodge. The York Masonic Temple on Millwood Drive Leaside was closing one of the two sanctuaries in their building to allow for an extension to the building. 

      The Master's Chair from York Temple 

The furniture in this sanctuary was made available on rather short notice to Rowland Lodge. Their members removed it just before the arrival of the wrecking crew. The chairs and benches were massive, but were successfully transferred to Mount Albert. Close examination of this furniture reveals that it was probably upholstered three times, an indication that it is likely much older than was thought. It may well be it was originally from yet another Lodge, older than York Masonic Temple. Brother Dike's furniture was not discarded. It is still in the Lodge, in the ante-room of the Mount Albert Temple Sanctuary.