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Rt. Wro. Bro. Francis Richardson Richardson Masonic Hall Lodge Room Interior


Richardson Masonic Lodge - Our History

In the late 1850's there was sufficient interest in Masonry around Stouffville to warrant the formation of a lodge in the area.
An application was made to the Grand Lodge of Canada West, and on June 15, 1860 Richardson Lodge held its first meeting.The Lodge's charter was issued and signed by
M.Wor.Bro. T.D. Harington
whose portrait hangs in our building. The first lodge room was situated at Cashel, on the northeast corner of what is now 18 th Ave. and Kennedy road. It was above the livery stable and barn of an Inn.

The first candidate for admission was Samuel Mighton, the keeper of that Inn. The Lodge was named after Right Worshipful Brother Francis Richardson, a Past Grand Senior Warden and Grand Secretary of the Grand Lodge of Canada West who is pictured above.

Traveling was often difficult and initiations few in the early years at Cashel, so in 1866 the Lodge was moved to Knill's Hall in Stouffville. This building was opposite what is now the post office. Meetings were held there for the next ten years, when a fire raised the building. Daley's Hall was the next home. It was on Main Street opposite the clock tower. The lodge remained there until April, 1955 when it moved to its present site. It was a proud occasion for Richardson Masonic Lodge finally to own its own building.

The Lodge has weathered lean times and savoured prosperous ones. It has grown with our community. We still enjoy the atmosphere of familiar fellowship which thrives in a country lodge. May we continue to uphold the aspirations and ideals of our predecessors, and practice and guard the landmarks they established.

In the spring of 2010, the Richardson Masonic Hall Corporation renovated the outside of our building to mark the 150th anniversary of our Lodge. The large monument / sundial was also added to mark the occasion.

Below is a painting, which hangs in our Lodge, of our first home in Cashel, painted by local Stouffville artist John Roberts
taken from a photograph of the building taken in the 1940s.
Cashel by John Roberts

Famous Canadian Masons

Sir John A. MacDonald - First Prime Minister of Canada

John B. MacLean - Founder of MacLean's Magazine

John Molson - Founder of Molson Breweries

General James Wollfe

John D. Eaton - President, T. Eaton Company

Gordon Sinclair - Journalist, writer, CBC broadcaster

James A. Naismith - inventor of Basketball

Hart Massey - Founder, Massey Ferguson Equipment

John Deifenbaker - Prime Minister

Harold Ballard - Entrepreneur and businessman

Reveen - Canadian entertainer and hypnotist

Oscar Peterson - Musician

Duff Roblin - Manitoba Politician

Peter Lougheed - Politican/businessman

William Davis - Ontario Premier

Douglas Campbell - Manitoba Premier

Tim Horton - Hockey Star and Businessman

Prime Minister John J.C. Abbott, St Paul's Lodge No. 374 E.R., Montreal, QC
James T.M. Anderson, Banner Lodge No. 154, Regina, SK
Robert Alexander Anderson, Acacia Lodge No. 22
Harold Ballard, Corinthian Lodge No. 481, Toronto, ON
Robert Beaven, Quadra Lodge No. 8, Victoria
Prime Minister Richard Bedford Bennett, Miramichi Lodge No. 187, Chatham, NB
W.A.C. Bennett, St. George Lodge No. 41, Kelowna, BC M
Alexander Bethune, founding member of Acacia Lodge No. 22
Prime Minister Robert Laird Borden, St. Andrew's Lodge No. 1, Halifax, NS
Prime Minister Mackenzie Bowell, St. Lawrence Lodge No. 640 E.R., Montreal, QC
William John Bowser, Past Provincial Grand Master of Vancouver, BC
Harlan Carey Brewster, Vancouver and Quadra Lodge No. 2, Victoria, BC
Samuel Bronfman, Covenant Lodge No. 108, Quebec
Frederick Buscombe, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Douglas Lloyd Campbell, Assiniboine Lodge No. 7, Portage La Prairie
Frederick Cope, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Amor De Cosmos, Victoria Lodge No. 1085
A.E.B. Davie, Cariboo Lodge No. 4, Barkerville
Prime Minister John George Diefenbaker, Wakaw Lodge No. 166, Wakaw, SK
Charles Douglas, Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7
Tommy Douglas, Weyburn Lodge No. 20 GRS, Weyburn, SK
Sir Sandford Fleming, St. Andrew's Lodge No. 16, Toronto, ON
James Garden, Cascade Lodge No. 12
Josiah Henson Mount Moriah Lodge No. 4 GRC, Dresden, ON
Tim Horton, Kroy Lodge No. 676, Toronto, ON
Byron Ingemar Johnson, Saint Andrew's Lodge No, 41, Victoria, BC
William Jarvis, Provincial Secretary for Upper Canada. First Provincial Grand Master for Upper Canada, 1792
Alexander Keith, Founder of Keith lodge #23 in Moncton New Brunswick
Prime Minister John A. MacDonald, St. John's Lodge No. 5, Kingston, ON
William M. Martin, Past Grand Master of Saskatchewan
Sir Allan Napier MacNab, Provincial Grand Master of Upper Canada 1845-57, and Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge of Canada, 1857
Sir Richard McBride, Union Lodge No. 9, New Westminster, BC
John Foster McCreight, Victoria Lodge No. 783, BC
John Duncan MacLean, Pacific Lodge No. 16, Mission, BC
Col. Samuel McLaughlin, Cedar Lodge No. 270, Oshawa
John Molson, St. Paul's Lodge, Montreal, Prov. GM of Lower Canada 1826
Thomas Neelands, Mount Hermon Lodge No. 7
David Oppenheimer, Vancouver Lodge No. 2
William John Patterson, Evening Star Lodge No. 10, Grenfell, SK
Edward Gawler Prior, Victoria Columbia Lodge No. 1, Victoria, BC
Alexander C. Rutherford, Acacia Lodge No. 11
Joseph E. Seagram, Grand River Lodge No. 151, Kitchener, ON
Sir John Graves Simcoe, Union Lodge No. 307, E.R. (Moderns), Exeter, England
Joey Smallwood, Northcliffe Lodge No. 1886
W. Ross Thatcher, St. George's Lodge No. 136, Moose Jaw, SK
Thomas Townley, Cascade Lodge No. 12
John Herbert Turner, Vancouver Lodge No. 421 SR, Victoria, BC
George Anthony Walkem, King Solomon's Lodge No. 22, Toronto, ON


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